How we help

How we help

ASST works to create a safe and supportive environment for asylum seekers in New Zealand. We provide access to information, services and resources so that those seeking asylum may effectively pursue the determination of their refugee status, and thrive in their new home.

Please note, we are not lawyers or immigration advisors. We do not represent clients in their claim and we cannot influence the outcome of asylum claims. What we can do is provide support to help in other ways so those making a claim can focus their energy on that.


We have limited accommodation available for people who have a claim in process who are in urgent need of shelter. This is hostel accommodation and often involves sharing rooms with other asylum seekers. The accommodation is designed to be relatively short term while clients find their feet in a new country and have their case decided. We have a big demand for this service so we are not always able to accommodate all that need it, but if we can't help in this way, we can discuss what other options are available.


Making a claim for asylum can be overwhelming. ASST can provide information on rights and entitlements, support services available and general information about life in New Zealand.


We can also assist in the process of accessing entitlements, whether that is helping asylum seekers fill enrollment and application forms, accompanying them to appointments or liaising with other organisations. It can be hard to advocate for yourself in a system you are not familiar with, we can stand beside asylum seekers to ensure their voice is heard and they get their rights and entitlements upheld.


We feed approx. 500-600 individuals and families every week via approx. 150 food boxes. These parcels are distributed on a Tuesday and a Friday using volunteers. We redistribute rescued food and the food is often varied, but we can tailor your food box to suit. If you require food support please contact us.

Household Donations

We maintain a small garage where we store donated furniture, including beds, couches, cabinets, and more, gathered from public contributions. These items are then provided to individuals in need


These microfinance loans are designed for covering immigration expenses, buying a car, or addressing other primary needs. The loan limit is set at $2000, with a repayment period of up to 6 months and weekly payments not surpassing $77.No Interest and no fees. There is a loan committee who decide if loan is accepted. If you are looking for some help with these costs please contact us at least one week in advance of needing the money. A big thank you to JR McKenzie for their support of these loan fund

Social Engagement

Our program provides outing to beaches, museum visits, walks, and a monthly dinner for hostel residents. These activities offer chances for our clients to interact with the community and forge connections with others. We extend our gratitude to Pearl of Islands for sponsoring the monthly dinner.

Client Feedback

This groups of clients meet to offer feedback on our operational activities and direction. If you are a current or former client and would like to contribute to this group please email

Terms of Service

We provide services to anyone who is an asylum seeker. Our support is available without a time limit, for as long as it is needed.

Groups we are part of
  • ARSSG – Auckland Resettlement Sector Support Group
  • APRNN – Asia Pacific Refugee Network
  • Casey Review Working group – set up to try and implement Casey review
  • Refugee Alliance
  • Te Ohu Whakawhanaunga


We Have Done a Lot For This Time

The overarching goal of the Asylum Seekers Support Trust (ASST) is to help create a New Zealand where Asylum Seekers are welcomed, supported and thriving. We do this by providing emergency housing and other critical humanitarian support from a qualified social workers and support workers who give advice and practical assistance based on assessment of individual need. ASST works in ways that respect the diversity of people who seek asylum and does not discriminate based on any grounds such as colour, race, ethnic or national origins, age, disability, sex, gender, gender expression, sec characteristics, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethical belief, political opinion, employment status, family status, marital status etc. ASST also advocates strongly for legal and compassionate treatment of our clients and all those who come to our shores seeking a safe and peaceful life.

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