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Volunteering is an easy way to get involved in helping some of our most vulnerable. We have a large range of options for people to be able to help.

Supporting and connecting our refugee community

Volunteer Job Listings

We have a number of volunteer jobs that you can sign up for here.

Also you can register as a volunteer here and we can email when we have volunteer needs.

We run fundraising BBQ's at Bunnings on the weekends to raise money to help feed those at our hostel who do not have any means of financial support. Shifts are 2-2.5 hours long and you are usually one of a team of 3, with the other 2 usually being clients. 

Great fun and all the sausages you can eat!

This work is based at our office at our Hostel in Blockhouse Bay. We expect at least one shift a week, either mornings or afternoons. Usual shift times are 9 to 12 and 1 to 4, but we are flexible depending on your availability.

The aim is to support our clients and staff to best meet their needs. It could be helping the Hostel staff with administrative tasks, transporting and assisting clients with appointments e.g. IRD, Doctors, Bank, Shopping, helping with deliveries, our other client support.

Every Friday evening we have a community meal for our clients at our Hostel, which is usually cooked by one of our clients. We have beautiful food from all round the world at these dinners.

This aim of this role is o help our clients to source ingredients, taking them to local supermarkets and shops. It will also involve helping prepare food where needed and helping to organise the serving and cleaning up, which is usually done by the guests.

The aim is to sort and deliver our food donations to our families and clients

We get a large donation of food twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday afternoons and we need help sorting our food donations in parcels for individual delivery or pick up. The role will involve the recording of delivery/ pickup of food parcels. It will also involve correctly storing the food items until pickup or delivery and you have the opportunity to source other donations as possible to supplement our clients food

The aim is to support our Community Engagement Organiser to facilitate trips and ensure there are more opportunities for our clients to engage with society.

We have a work vehicle which seats 8, and it will involve using this to transport clients to events and engagements. You will also spend time with clients to help increase their understanding of their community. You can also help find events and engagement opportunities that would increase clients knowledge and understanding of their community

We have a work vehicle and trailer, and a storage garage to help with this role. We need our large donations stored safely, moved safely and available for our clients. We need help filtering donations for what is acceptable, organising collection of donations, storing donations in our garage so they are safely accessible and delivering donations to clients in need.

Times will be dependent on when the people donating or receiving items are available.

The aim is to support the collection and redistribution of donated items for our clients. Items include household items, electronics, linen, bedding etc. nothing heavy or large.

The role includes being the key contact at ASST for correspondence regarding donations . It will involve organisation of the delivery/collection of donated items, maintaining a log of donated goods and their distribution and identifying areas of need. A large part of work is ensuring donated goods are safely and tidily stored at our donations centre.

To be one of our volunteering team register with us: please click here

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