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Membership of Auckland Refugee Council Incorporated allows you to be a member of the executive and vote at our AGM. It gives you control in the direction and strategy of our organisation. Fees are set at the AGM, and currently are $20 for a year. Our AGM is usually held in October every year.

To join please complete this form and click here to make payment. Once payment is made then you will be a member for 12 months from this date. Payment can also be made to any staff member and or by sending an email to info@asst.org.nz. See below for membership conditions from our constitution; 


Any person who is:

(a)  (i) An asylum seeker or refugee; or

      (ii) a former refugee; or

     (iii) a representative of an organisation which provides services to refugees; or

     (iv) has an interest in and commitment to refugee issues; and

(b) who is committed to the objects of ARCI; and

(c) whose membership fee, where payable, is paid and current; and

(d) who agrees to be bound by the objects and constitution of ARCI;

shall be a member of ARCI.

ARCI should be representative as possible of the whole refugee community in Auckland.


Any membership may be terminated by:

(a) Resignation: Any member may resign his or her membership of ARCI by giving notice thereof to the Executive.

(b) Expiry: Membership of ARCI shall cease upon the expiry of the period for which the current subscription of the member has been paid.

(c) Expulsion: If the conduct of any member appears to the Executive to be inconsistent with the ideals and objects of ARCI (see Strategic Plan below for these) such member may be expelled by a resolution passed by a three-quarter majority of the Executive. In any such case the member shall be the right to be personally heard by the Executive before the decision is made. The three-quarter majority decision of the Executive shall be final.


The membership fee shall be set at each Annual General Meeting and must be paid prior to each Annual General Meeting.

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